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Interviews by professors

Applications will be considered during two different rounds throughout the year. To be considered for a specific round, all application requirements must be completed before the deadline. Each application will be reviewed once the round application deadline has passed. Successful candidates will move to the interview stage of the admissions process. The interviews will be conducted by the professor chosen by the applicant. You may find the links to professors of different departments of each faculty below.

The interview plays a vital part in the selection procedure, but remember that it is just one aspect of your application. Professors will consider:

1. any admissions tests or written work required for your course

2. your examination results and predicted grades

3. your personal statement

4. the academic reference

You will receive an email or letter indicating whether or not you have been invited for interview. You may not receive this until a week before the interviews are due to take place. If you have been invited, the letter will include practical details of your interview and further information.

With so many excellent candidates for each place at D.8 International University, it just isn’t possible to interview everyone. If you do not get shortlisted for interview, unfortunately that will mean that your application has not been successful.

If you are shortlisted for interview - congratulations! Being invited to attend our interviews is a fantastic achievement on its own, considering the numbers of strongly competitive applications that we receive each year.



Art & Architecture

Basic Sciences


Economics and Social Sciences




Sports Sciences    

You may receive a conditional offer if you have not yet completed all your current qualifications. The offer is therefore conditional on your achieving certain results. Your place will be confirmed when you have completed your qualifications and if you have satisfied the conditions of the offer.

If you have already completed your qualifications, then you may be given an unconditional offer. This means that there are no further academic conditions for you to meet, and your place is guaranteed so long as you complete all the necessary administrative steps.

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