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Top University!

·         Bu-Ali Sina University is in the top-10 of Iranian universities. 

 Large & diverse community!

·         BASU campus is home to 12 500+ students from 10 countries of the world. Generally, when foreigners come to Iran, they are welcomed warmly into a lively community, proud of its past and present. Foreigners living in Iran are free to practice their own religion.

Unique destination!

·         BASU is located in the west of Iran. Hamedan  with more than 595 000 population, is a well known city and you may have already heard something about it. Hamedan has cheerful friendly and helpful people. Hamedan is situated near Alvand Mountain. The climate is typically moderate and dry during summer and cold and wet in winter. Hamedan is a touristy land and an assembly for happiness and joy. This legendary old city with the glorious back ground and rich culture has been the cradle of civilization, science, art, wisdom and Gnosticism from very early time.

Active social life!

·         Whilst study life at BASU is intense and demanding, our students also find the time to experience other opportunities that exist within the University. We are international!

·         BASU is a partner of many universities in the world. This opens up ample opportunities for exchange!

Contact Information

  • Pajuhesh Sq., Ahmadi Roshan Boulevard,
    Bu-Ali Sina University,
    Hamedan, IRAN.
  • Postal Code: 65178 38695
  • +98 - 81 - 382 73001 
    +98 - 81 - 383 80663
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.