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Being located on the east of the university campus, D-8Central library was established in 1974. The library with more 120.000 volumes of technical and engineering books is one of the richest centres for book, journals, periondicals and microfilms in western universities. Together with 9 satellite libraries in campus and with its experienced staffs, the central library provides high quality service for the students, faculty members and research fellows working in D-8. On the other hand, according to 2011 subscription, there is access to a comprehensive collection of electronic journals and on-line database such as: Science Direct (SD), Elsevier, Springer, OUP (Oxford journals), Math  Scinet, Emerald, TOP, ASME, ASCE, ACS, Econlit Sport Discus, ProQuest, SCOPUS, and Magiran. Finally, the last but not least, many of journals in Persian as well as English with copy facilities and scientific relevant data bank are available for the D-8 student, faculty members and other researchers from outside the university using Digital-Library search system

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