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Since D-8 International University is hosted by Bu-Ali Sina University (BASU), here we introduce briefly BASU. Bu-Ali Sina University is now one of the largest state universities in the west of Iran. It is named after the greatest Iranian scientist (Avicenna). Providing a good academic environment, BASU aims to respond to the growing needs of the students and competes for continual development of effective and participative modes of education that can foster excellence. The university consists of 13 facultie.






































Widespread research is a significant feature of academic  activity at BASU and has been consistently supported by the government and other funding bodies. BASU benefits from the academic services of 417 full-time faculty members covering services to about 13000 students in B.Sc., B.A., M.Sc. and Ph.D fields, in addition to some overseas students. BASU offers over 82 undergraduate subjects, 124 majors in Master and 101 majors in Ph.D programs. Since 1974, about 34000 students have been graduated from this university.

The main mission of Bu-Ali Sina University is to enrich society’s intellectual, cultural, scientific, and environmental spheres. BASU tries to remain one of the leading universities in Iran and will extend its educational activities globally

Visitors to BASU almost invariably remark on the leafy attractiveness of the campus. As a university town, it incorporates teaching buildings, student accommodation, shops, banks, cleaners, bookshops, a travel agency, and sport facilities all on one site. This mixture creates a friendly, self-contained and surprisingly peaceful.


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Contact Information

  • Pajuhesh Sq., Ahmadi Roshan Boulevard,
    Bu-Ali Sina University,
    Hamedan, IRAN.
  • Postal Code: 65178 38695
  • +98 - 81 - 382 73001 
    +98 - 81 - 383 80663
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.